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Web archiving with forms

Automatic archiving using customisable web forms

Web archiving with forms


In order to allow customers to be able to upload other documents autonomously for archiving on our system, EZDatacenter provides special forms that can be filled out online, to then index and archive the documents correctly.


These forms are easy to use and have a simple and clear graphic layout. In the online forms, it will be important to fill in the fields which give meaning to a specific document, so you can find it quickly after its archiving, using the search tool.


At a later stage, searching for a specific document will be made easier, as it will have already been indexed at the time of upload, as is done in the physical process of creating specific “labels” for various documents.


By taking advantage of this system, you have the possibility to upload, search and download your documents in complete autonomy, without our assistance, eliminating waiting times.



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