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Digitalisation of the DAU customs document

From 1 January 2022 and by the end of March of the same year at the latest, the RESIDO customs project will be implemented, which envisages the abolition of the paper SAD, and consequently the digitalisation of customs documents, initially only for imports and later also for exports. The famous paper customs documents will no longer exist and will be replaced by electronically signed and non-printable XML documents. This evolution certainly has advantages, but there are negative aspects...

dematrializzazione bolletta doganale DAU e digitalizzazione

Who is responsible for archiving XMLs?

Premise The e-dec clearance system sends an electronic assessment decision to the person responsible, i.e. the shipping agent.[1] Customs automatically create the electronic assessment decision (DIe), which is available a few days after importing or exporting the good. This is an import or export certificate valid for VAT reimbursement purposes.   Duties of the person in charge of the customs declaration Most importers don’t have a CSP account. Customs taxes and VAT are debited...


Technology shouldn’t scare us

“Technology shouldn’t scare us because it allows us to carry out tasks which would normally require greater effort.”“Technology shouldn’t scare us because it allows us to carry out tasks which would normally require greater effort.”   Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a futuristic world, using words that not even the Oxford Dictionary of English could have thought of 20 years ago. Then again, time has moved on, as has the OED. The word “digital” has taken centre stage in our...


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