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Matching between different sources and analysis of coincidence of values



Communication is an indispensable tool for sharing information. In any company and within its departments, complaints about a lack of communication happen. However, it is not always easy to be updated on specific issues that are considered critical. As a rule, we ask to be notified if a certain event occurs, but then for various reasons, communication just doesn’t happen.


For this reason, we have created a specific system of automated alerts that allows us, based on customer requests, to activate a specific Alert Service. This system sends a notification to the customer with a simple email, formed on the basis of their requests.


For example, do you want to be informed when an archiving process ends, or if a particular customs operation has been carried out with payment of VAT beyond a certain limit, or if a certain type of product has been cleared?  Subject to your constraints, we have the ability to create a recurring automatic alert as soon as one of these events occurs.


We live in the age of information, and communication is a critical success factor. Activating our Alert Service is an excellent tool to stay up to date, without having to search for information manually, or waiting for others to notify us.



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