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Digital signature

Automatic digital signature on documents

Digital signature


The digital signature, normally affixed to active invoices but useful for other actions, is essentially the approval of a document by a specific company manager after validation of the document itself.

The guarantee of the authenticity of the electronic signature takes place through the approval of the Trusted Service Provider (i.e. the person or legal entity that validates the signature). Immediately after the exchange of documentation between EZDatacenter and the Trusted Service Provider (TSP), the user will be automatically notified of the availability of the document for signature, thus avoiding further future approval requests, sources of misunderstandings, and delays in management.

We manage the documentation of over 2,000 companies on a daily basis and carry out the necessary checks every day to validate the huge amount of data transmitted to us. Thanks to digital signatures, paper documents are simplified and reduced, making document management completely dynamic.


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