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Mobile App for searching and approving your documents

Mobile app


EZDatacenter does not limit itself to rethinking work only at the office, and offers a 360° solution, by integrating its systems into a mobile application.


Nowadays, everyone uses their smartphone, exploiting the potential of this portable but very powerful tool: Its powerful and advanced processors, RAM that reaches the levels of PCs, and screens of useful dimensions facilitate the functionality of our Mobile App. The cross application platform is usable in both IOS and Android operating systems, capable of making users’ work smart and usable in any place with a mobile phone or tablet.


In an increasingly dynamic economic world, immediate access to data is often a critical success factor. Our solution via Mobile app can be used anywhere, even without a personal computer. From access to documents, to data archiving, and any other process available on your computer, you can use it on your smartphone.



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