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Document validation and approval through scheduled workflows

Validation and approval


The document validation and approval process is the basis of the daily operations of every company. For example: Upon receipt of an invoice, it must be validated among the “incoming” documents; it must then be assigned to the relevant department; it is subject to the approval of whoever is responsible, sent with the approval to the accounting department, to be then recorded, and finally paid.

For all these intermediate steps there are manual actions that could be automated by studying the business processes and fine-tuning the automizations based on the needs of the customers.  Each company has defined specific procedures for these processes, and it is not possible to identify a single automated system that works for everyone.

With this in mind, EZDatacenter analyzes the specific business workflows of customers and offers simple and effective customized solutions to validate, automatically approve, and archive any document in a specific reserve database that is always available for download.



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