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Automatic archiving

Automatic archiving of customs documents

Automatic archiving


Any modern company needs an automated documentation management process that can analyze and archive its documents. Bottom line, it is necessary to change one’s outlook of what’s possible, from “passive” data storage (a simple response to legal obligations) to something “active” and aware, capable of serving the company to make strategic decisions based on concrete data.


The management of corporate data must become an opportunity for companies, and not just a simple cost. Making computer data safe, available and manageable by companies is the future of the datacenter’s application in decision making.


Digital archiving usually involves paper documents, requiring the labor of a physical person.  Thanks to sophisticated long-term storage systems (tapes, HDD, etc.), we are able to keep your documents in a safe and controlled environment, integrating workflows into the management systems. We can guarantee complete automation of the entire process, avoiding the need to have physical personnel.


Digital archiving includes all the processes that allow you to keep a document of a digital nature in an automated manner, in accordance with the law.  On the other hand, Substitutive Conservation is the process of transforming a paper document into digital, followed by its archiving, in accordance with the law.


The importance of digital archiving is fundamental in allowing data analysis and statistics to make business decisions, for the management of adequate backup systems, and to facilitate and simplify third parties’ checks and controls (customs, customers, etc). For this course of action, we use “intelligent” software which, thanks to the implementation of specific business processes, places the data within one of our data centers, ensuring full availability of the document at any time.



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