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Evvdatacenter solutions as witnessed by some of our customers


Thanks to your platform, we have solved the problem of archiving customs documents as required by the FCA in a very short time. Furthermore, your portal is absolutely smart, user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. It is faster to download a document from your portal than from the customs portal, which is always very slow to load information. The links between invoices and customs documents are always correct and we would like to implement the portal in the future with additional information on the supplier’s invoice.

Isabella Longoni

Accounting Department, Timex Group SA

We have had the EZDATACENTER contract for a few years now. We can only say that we are fully satisfied and have never had any problems.
We highly recommend EZDATACENTER to everyone.

Dolores Bertoni

Accounting Department, SRO Assi SA

The EZdatacenter archiving portal is easy to use and offers various archiving options. All import-export tax decisions are at your fingertips and securely catalogued, and the platform also contains already checked and approved customs declarations. 
Searching for customs documents is much faster and saves a lot of time. EZdatacenter is an excellent management programme that helps and simplifies my work.
Silvia C.

Accounting, Mesolricambi Sagl

We were one of the first to use the “EVDATACENTER” product, participating in its development with our contact person, who listened to our needs and allowed us to have an ad-hoc service that today, with continuous developments, offers us a complete service on customs documentation.

Since using this service we have eliminated all paperwork and also all files we had created, all invoices and customs documents saved no longer take up space on our servers, as they are all available at any time from any workstation by simply accessing our portal! We are very satisfied with the ease of use and the complete availability and cooperation of the managers in responding promptly to our requests!

Gian Carlo Clerici

Suppliers Accounting Specialist, Medacta International SA

”We are happy to confirm that we are very satified with your platform. We are able to reduce the processing of EVV documents, which used to take several days, to a single day. Apart from that, since we use your platform, we no longer need to reques declarations copies because they are lost by post or lost during handling. Also, we no longer need to count, each single declaration together with the calculator to check the total amount. Thanks your platform, we do it today with an Excel download. The verification of the total amounts of the Bordereaus takes us a few seconds today. 
Kurt Suter

Accounts Payable Specialist, HOLCIM (SCHWEIZ) AG

EZDataCenter is a good archiving programme that not only optimises time but also allows you to find all the documents you need in an orderly manner.
You can print them out and find them immediately thanks to the many filters that the platform offers. Overall, it is a practical and easy-to-use programme.

Sarah Rodolfi

Logistics Employee, Riri SA



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