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Archiving supplier and customer invoices and integration for automatic invoicing



The most common document in any company is certainly the invoice. Whether they are invoices issued by the company (active invoices) or those received from its suppliers (passive invoices), these documents contain essential data for accounting, administrative, controls, and strategic functions. For this reason, intelligently filing invoices becomes a fundamental process in which we can step in with our skills and experience.

We operate with the use of adequate and powerful automation software to create, check, send and save invoices in a fully automatic manner, thus increasing the speed of the entire company.  At the customer’s request, we can ensure that the active and passive invoices directly feed the company’s accounting software, further improving the time management of normally long processes, and simplifying the more complex processes.

In the case of invoices generated with XML files (Extensible Markup Language format), already in use for several years in various European countries, we can further improve the management and data search capabilities, to obtain the best results with the least possible effort.


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