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What is EZdatacenter and how it works – here’s why you can’t do without it | Watch the videos

Document check: Approval, signatures and stamps

Controllare i vostri documenti diventerà un’operazione semplicissima. In ogni momento nelle opportune visualizzazioni di EZdatacenter e con l’utilizzo delle liste a disposizione, avrete una situazione completa del flusso dei vostri documenti e un alert inviato per mail vi avviserà costantemente di eventuali discrepanze.


Controllo documenti: Approvazione, firme e timbri

Automatic archiving: email, virtual printer

The path to digitisation is never as easy as people make it out to be. All documents generated internally within the company are relatively easy to archive with appropriate processes. But what do we do when documents are sent to us by email or paper mail from our customers or suppliers? With DATACENTER, archiving is child's play! Simply forward the email received to a predefined mailbox provided ... and voila! Simply indicate the document number in the subject line of the email and send it...


Archivio posta elettronica o cartacea

Just how digital and smart is your company?

Just how digital and smart is your company? This question has become more important than ever in a world requiring efficient and effective solutions. New customs processes demand the digitalisation of levy decisions – but your offices are still overflowing with paper! Isn’t it time to clear up your paper archives and make them available and searchable in a a matter of seconds? We’re talking of supplier invoices, transport documents, contracts, policies, and more. And just how many times...


Digitalizzazione dei documenti

Tax List automatic check

EVVDATACENTER: Tax List automatic check   EVVDATACENTER, the new product of the Tepoorten Group, was created to automate not only the recovery of customs receipts for all importers, but also to bring simplicity to the processes of systematic control of the documents that accompany taxation decisions. The tax bill and the invoice sent by the Federal Customs Administration are further documents that need careful control by the importing companies. This control is very time-consuming because...


EZdatacenter, how does it work?

As of 1 March 2018, the digitisation of VAT and duty imposition decisions has been implemented. The famous "yellow vouchers", in paper format, no longer exist and have been replaced by PDF and XML versions.   This development certainly has advantages, but there are some negative aspects that should not be underestimated.   Firstly, the importer will no longer be in possession of the paper version and will have to take care of the digital archiving himself, as the Federal Customs...


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