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Integrations of stored data with leading ERPs



The EZDatacenter system does not remain an isolated system and an end in itself, but integrates with the corporate IT infrastructure in a simple and non-invasive way. We are able to implement various types of integration such as HR (Human Resource), the ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) and others.


For example, by exploiting the ERP and integrating our system with its workflows, it will be possible to automate various routine actions that an employee is normally forced to perform repetitively, often wasting precious time.


Document archiving, for example, is one of the classic repetitive activities and the fastest way to do it is simply by scanning the paper document to make it digital. In this way, we can send the documents directly from the printer / scanner to the management server for control and automatic archiving.


The same goes for any other computer system present in the company for which integration with the EZDatacenter system would be possible and desirable.


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