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Index and search documents directly from your favourite Windows applications



Any document contains a great quantity of information. Normally, one is forced to read the entire document to look for certain values, risking an incorrect interpretation of the data.


Through our intelligent indexing system, it is possible to attain the main information easily, in addition to converting the data into large logical structures that can be reused over time. This approach allows for faster archiving with a significant increase in the speed of searching for documents.


Being a program that has an “artificial intelligence” system, the software automatically learns the type of document being stored, and feeds the system instructions, based on user feedback, to ensure improvement in machine learning based on the use of the system itself.


Thanks to a user-friendly search interface, it is possible to search and find documents by entering specific significant values, ​​for example: The customs account number, or the VAT number, etc.


The greater the use of the AI software, the greater its machine learning capabilities become, resulting in having a fast, intelligent and secure system.


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