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The most successful main products of EZdatacenter



EVVdatacenter automatically streamlines your levy, import, and export assessment decisions. It also manages all shipping documentation. Increase efficiency thanks to EVVdatacenter – take care of retrieval, controlling, archiving, analysing, statistics and search operations.


Evvdatacenter, the best-selling, most popular and most economical product in Switzerland.


The ideal solution for archiving and immediate search of the SAD document (Single Administrative Document).

The DAUdatacenter system allows the search, control, and electronic tracking and related control of export and import operations to and from the European Community, making it possible to archive in a fully computerized environment and for a duration of 10 years.

With Daudatacenter it will also be possible to link with other documents such as the invoice, any packing list, the transport document or packing slip and the documents of origin.


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