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Artificial intelligence Automated document archiving using artificial intelligence (AI) engines



The path to digitisation is never as easy as people make it out to be. All documents generated internally within the company are relatively easy to archive with appropriate processes. But what do we do when documents are sent to us by email or paper mail from our customers or suppliers?
With EZdatacenter archiving is child’s play! Simply forward the email received to a predefined mailbox provided … and voila! Simply indicate in the subject line of the email the document number and send to the dedicated address, according to the type of document itself!

You will have one address for your invoices, one for your contracts and so on. As soon as the document will be acquired in EZdatacenter, the layout will be recognised and consequently all the information contained will be indexed. And if you have already archived other documents relating to the same file, they will automatically be linked together.

Do you have to archive a document generated by your management application? Nothing could be easier with EZdatacenter! Send the document to the dedicated virtual printer and you will automatically find it archived and indexed.

Our IT team will support you to help you create your archiving processes. Every document will be just a click away!





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